Gary Hill
Gary Hill is a well known video artist and sculptor who we do a lot of work for. Our standard products have all been used in his installation work. We have also done a lot of custom software and hardware for him. Dave Jones, who runs Dave Jones Design, has been a friend of Gary's since the mid 1970's, and has been building machines for him for over 24 years. 

Gary uses modern technology to create sculptures and environments that take the viewer on a ride through their mind. His works have many layers in them that allow different people to experience different things. Gary is strongly influenced by the writings of several philosophers and it shows in his pieces. Some of his works use text and language to trigger ideas in the mind of the viewer. Other works use images as a form of language. Some of his works bring out emotions and deep rooted feelings. All of his works make you think. 




 Gary Hill Selected Works + Catalogue Raisonné

  This is the most comprehensive Gary Hill book available. Besides being a catalog for a large show of his in Wolfsburg Germany in 2001, it also is a "Catalogue Raisonné", meaning that it contains information on every installation, performance, and video tape he has ever made. There are hundreds of pictures, and very detailed information about each of his pieces. Plus a biography, bibliography and several essays.

Read more about it here.

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Donald Young Gallery

Gary and his art are represented by the Donald Young Gallery, who we would like to thank for supplying most of the information used to create these pages about Gary. Contact the Donald Young Gallery for more information about Gary and his works. 

The Donald Young Gallery does all booking of Gary Hill's exhibitions, performances, and lectures. Contact them for more information. Do not contact Dave Jones Design for these things.

Donald Young Gallery
(206) 443-0952


Are you an up and coming video artist?

Be sure to look over our products designed specifically to aid artists in video and electronic art installations. Gary Hill has been using both our off-the-shelf products as well as custom designs for many years and most of his installations include some of our hardware or software.

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