Gary Hill

Hole in The Wall, 1974
Site-specific, single-channel video/sound installation
Two monitors
Mesh, 1979
Mixed media installation
Three live cameras, four B&W monitors, wire mesh, electronics and speakers
War Zone, 1980
Mixed media installation
Live stereo camera/viewfinder, two videotapes, sixteen loudspeakers, objects, motor-controlled lights and a live rabbit
Around & About, 1980 (destroyed)
Video/sound installation
Two versions:
1. Two monitors (B&W and color) and videotape
2. Eight monitors (4 B&W and 4 color), videotape and controlling electronics
Glass Onion, 1981
Two-channel video/sound installation
Live camera with remote-controlled zoom lens, two videotapes, five monitors, eight speakers and controlling electronics
Primarily Speaking, 1981-83
Two-channel video/sound installation
Two versions:
1. Eight monitors, four speakers and controlling electronics
2. Two monitors, chairs and mirrors
Equal Time, 1982
Three-channel video/sound installation
Four monitors and two speakers
CRUX, 1983-87
Five-channel video/sound installation
Five color monitors and five speakers
In Situ, 1986
Mixed media installation
Modified easy chair, modified monitor, six electric fans, sculptural elements, motorized paper feeder, controlling electronics and speakers
Mediarite, 1987
Site-specific mixed media installation
Three videotapes/VTRs, six monitors, four electric motors, lenses, mineral oil, sculptural elements, controlling electronics and speakers
DIG, 1987-92
(Based on Mediarite)
Mixed media installation
Three channel video, six monitors, four electric motors, lenses, mineral oil, sculptural elements, computer-controlled electronics and speakers
DISTURBANCE (among the jars), 1988
Seven channel video/sound installation
And Sat down Beside Her, 1990
Mixed media installation consisting of three works:
1. Single-channel video and hanging TV tube with table, chair, lens, book and speaker
2. Single-channel video and glass tube enclosing one-inch TV tube, text applied on floor and speaker
3. Two-channel video and two one-inch TV tubes with four lenses
BEACON (Two Versions of the Imaginary), 1990
Two-channel video/sound installation
Two TV tubes mounted in aluminum cylinder, projection lenses, motor and controlling electronics
Inasmuch As It Is Always Already Taking Place, 1990
Sixteen channel video/sound installation
Sixteen one-half inch to 21 inch B&W TV tubes positioned in horizontal inset in wall
Between Cinema and a Hard Place, 1991
Three channel video/sound installation
Twenty-three modified monitors and computer-controlled switching matrix
CORE SERIES (two works: "Glasses" and "Leaves"), 1991
Single channel video/sound installations
Each work: two modified monitors and electronic switch with tone decoder
I Believe It Is an Image in Light of the Other,1991-92
Mixed media installation
Seven channel video, modified TV tubes for projection, books and speaker
Suspension of Disbelief (for Marine), 1992
Four channel video installation
Thirty 12 inch TV tubes mounted on aluminum beam and computer controlled switching matrix
CORE SERIES ("No Evil"), 1992
Single channel video/sound installation
Three modified monitors and electronic switch with tone decoder
Tall Ships, 1992
Sixteen channel video installation
Sixteen B&W monitors, sixteen projection units, sixteen laserdisc players and computer controlled interactive system
Cut Pipe, 1992
Single channel video/sound installation
B&W video monitor, projection lens, two aluminum cylinders and three loudspeakers
Some Times Things, 1992
Nine channel video/sound installation
Nine modified monitors, nine projection lenses, nine loudspeakers, and nine aluminum tubes
If Two People, 1993 (destroyed)
Two channel video/sound installation
Ten B&W monitors mounted on two aluminum ladders, two speakers, and spoken text
Between 1 & 0, 1993
Two channel video/sound installation
Thirteen B&W monitors mounted on aluminum cross, computer controlled video switcher and audio
House of Cards, 1993
Seven channel video/sound installation
Five B&W monitors mounted on an aluminum ladder, two color monitors
Learning Curve, 1993
Single channel video installation, silent
Video projector, custom made screen and plywood chair/table construction
Learning Curve (still point), 1993
Single channel video installation, silent
One 5 inch color monitor, plywood chair/table construction
Searchlight, 1986-1994
Single channel video/sound installation
Aluminum tube, B&W video monitor, motor, laserdisc player, and controlling electronics
Circular Breathing, 1994
Single channel video/sound installation
Five color video projectors, laserdisc player, computer controlled video switcher, amplifier and two loudspeakers
Clover, 1994
Four channel video/sound installation
Four laserdisk players, four modified B&W 20 inch monitors, synchronizer, loudspeaker, and stereo amp
Remarks on Color, 1994
Single channel video installation with color video projection
Red Technology, 1994
Single channel video/sound installation with two projectors
Bind, 1995
Single channel video/sound installation
Combination video monitor/video cassette recorder with attached book
Dervish, 1993-1995
Video/sound installation
Aluminum and wood structure, mirrors, strobe lights, two modified video projectors, motor, speakers, computer and controlling electronics
Withershins, 1995
Interactive sound installation with video projections
25' x 35' floor maze constructed from 2" x 4" aluminum rectangular tubing, electronic switch mats, two video projectors, two laserdisc players and synchronizer, two computers with sound cards, computer controlled location of sound on four loud speakers and lights
Placing Sense - Sens Place, 1995
Video/sound installation
Four color monitors, four carts, equalizer, speakers, amplifier and synchronizer
Hand Heard, 1995-96
Five-channel video installation with five color projections
Five projectors, five laserdisc players, and synchronizer
Liminal Objects #1 - #5, 1996
Single-channel video installations
each installation: one 14" monitor, one laserdisc player, custom-made metal stand
Viewer, 1996
Five-channel video installation
five laserdisc players, five projectors, one five-channel synchronizer
standing apart, 1996
Two-channel video installation
two laserdisc players, two projectors, one two-channel synchronizer
facing faces, 1996
Two-channel video installation
two laserdisc players, two monitors, two monitor shelves, one two-channel synchronizer
Reflex Chamber, 1996
Single-channel video/sound installation
video projector, mirror, strobe light, loudspeakers, computer and 60 x 60 x 34 inch square table
Midnight Crossing, 1997
Single-channel video/sound installation
Custom-made 12 h. x 14 w. x 8 d. foot aluminum screen, projector, laserdisc player, 6 strobe lights, speakers, amplifier and computer
Conundrum, 1995 - 98
Single-channel video installation
Laserdisc player, six video monitors, switcher, and steel armature
10 ½ high x 13 deep x 71" long
23:59:59:29 The Storyteller's Room, 1998
Twelve-channel video/sound installation
Twelve laserdisc players, twelve-channel synchronizer, twelve four-inch black and white monitors with projection lenses and mounts, audio amplifier with multiple loudspeakers, ten strobe lights, strobe controller, computer, foam, rope, and miscellaneous cabling
Dimensions variable
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