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Fully recovered

As some of you may have heard, our community was heavilly flooded in September of this year. It took a couple of months to get electricity and heat fully restored, but everything is once again fully functional. The flood put us a bit behind on several of our new products, but we are working hard to get them done. And we are back in full production of all current products.

If you missed the pictures of the flood, here are a couple of them: Flood pic 1, flood pic 2.

Coming Soon!!

The new AllPlay
DVD and Blu-Ray controller / synchronizer


Available soon

more info about AllPlay...

Pioneer announces new industrial Blu-Ray player
Pioneer has just announced the new BDP-V6000 Blu-Ray player as part of their industrial video line up.


more info about the BDP-V6000...

DVD Synchronizers
Our premiere product line. A series of DVD synchronizers that can control multiple DVD players to get frame accurate multi-channel video presentations.

New Pioneer 8000 Player
Pioneer has released a new player, the DVD-V8000, which is compatable with our synchronizers.

Low Cost Pioneer 5000 Player
Pioneer's DVD-V5000 is a lower cost player that is compatable with our synchronizers.

Simple Synchronizing Tutorial
We have added a new tutorial explaining the best way to make your DVDs if you wish to use your synchronizer right out of the box, without reprogramming it.
80 Channels of Synchronized DVD
The Art Guys present an 80 channel video installation in Houston using five DVDplay-16 synchronizers networked into an 80 channel frame accurate DVD synchronizer.
Cheap DVD-R Warning
Potential problems caused by low cost DVD-R discs.
Dealers / Distributors
Important information for dealers, distributors, and system integrators.
Compatable DVD Players
Need to know which DVD players to use with our DVDplay synchronizers? We made a chart of the different compatable players.

International Buyers
Important information for overseas customers interested in purchasing our products.

Analog Video Synthesizers

For those of you interested in analog video synthesis, we have another web site set up for our new Modular Video Synthesizer system that we are working on: JonesVideo.com   One module is available now, though it is a stand alone module, not part of the large video synthesizer we are developing.


For those of you using Adobe GoLive software to create web pages, you may want to look at our gift to the GoLive community, a set of free GoLive Actions.
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